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Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Water Removal
& Extraction

water extraction

Water damage in you home or business can come from something as obvious as burst pipes, hurricane, or from something not as obvious such as a water leak. Your homeowners policy most likely covers water damage that can be caused by leaky appliances, burst pipes, flood, sewage backup, and more.

When you need water extraction, you should do the following:

  • First and foremost ensure the area is safe.
  • Call Louie’s at: (605) 624-2485 immediately.
  • Remove wet area rugs or other floor coverings.
  • Lift draperies off the floor, loop through a coat hanger and place the hanger on the drapery rod.
  • Wipe furniture, prop up wet furniture cushions for even drying and place aluminum foil under furniture legs.
  • Move photos, paintings and art objects to a safe dry location.
  • Do not remove books from shelves. Rather pack them tightly to prevent warping of pages until a restoration professional arrives.
  • Open drawers, closets, and cabinet doors to enhance drying.

Our team are experts are water removal & extraction specialists. We have the equipment and staff to remove everything from thousands and thousands of gallons of water, to partially wet carpet. Water extraction is one of the most important steps of the water damage process because during this process we're getting the affected areas ready for structural drying. Removing as much water before drying equipment is installed on the property helps to get your property back to pre-loss condition more quickly.

Wet Material

water damage cleanup material removal

Our team of professional associates can take those wet and filthy materials out of your home or business. Let us deal with the smell and removing of the materials. We can destruct almost any material at any height from drywall up 15 feet in the air, to removing carpet, pad, vinyl flooring, asbestos tile, and asbestos wrap on pipes.

Removing materials on your own can be very dangerous if not equipped with the correct respiratory protection, eye protection, and overall body protection. Our team can build a containment around the affected materials if necessary to facilitate the removal of these materials. By creating a containment and then applying a slight negative pressure to it, we are making sure any airborne particles stay within the containment and do not creep up through holes in floors, walls, ventilation systems, doorways, or any other opening that enter an unaffected space.

Structural Drying

water damage restoration structural drying

One of the most unique and special services that Louie’s currently offers is structural drying. What is structural drying? Structural drying is when we use science(thermodynamics) and our drying equipment to effectively and efficiently remove moisture from wet material in your home. We can structurally dry many types of flooring, drywall, cabinetry, ceilings, and many other building materials.

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