biological hazard clean-up

Biohazards involve any substance which poses a health risk to humans and new living creatures. Typical biohazards involve drug paraphernalia and supplies, medical waste, bodily fluids and blood, toxic chemicals, and biological material. We highly recommend that you not attempt to clean biological hazards by yourself, as there’s a possible risk of spreading contaminants.

Bodily Fluid and Blood

Circumstances that involve bodily fluids and blood pose a risk for spreading bacteria, bloodborne, pathogens, as well as viral contaminants. If not correctly disinfected and cleaned, those biological hazards might present health risks or spread diseases. We utilize industry-standard biohazard cleanup and remediation processes to sanitize, decontaminate, and restore your business or home after a traumatic event or accident.

Unattended Fatalities

Our biohazard crews offer full decontamination and cleanup services after an unattended fatality. An unattended fatality includes someone who has died all alone yet isn’t immediately found. Sick or elderly individuals who reside alone are most vulnerable to dying alone; however, unattended fatalities also involve sudden accidental deaths, overdoses, homicides, and suicides. In the wake of an unattended fatality, our compassionate techs will correctly deodorize, sanitize, and clean the scene.

Homicide and Suicide

Homicides and suicides are emotional and tragic events. Allow our compassionate and trained cleanup team to disinfect and clean affected spaces to prevent contamination professionally.

Crime Scenes

Clean up of crime scenes may be very emotional and distressing. Our expert cleanup crew uses professional disinfectants to restore and clean your business or home after a tragic event or traumatic experience.

Illegal Drug Laboratories

We will clean up illicit drug production laboratories, which includes the ones that are used to process or produce heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine. The chemicals utilized in the processing and production of illegal drugs are volatile and might cause fires or explosions. Even the residues that are left behind may be toxic and dangerous. Our biohazard cleanup and remediation pros follow all federal and state regulations for the cleanup of illicit drug laboratories.


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