mold-remediationMold is an airborne fungus which naturally occurs in the air around us. Within the presence of moisture, mold flourishes. Not just is it ugly, it actually can cause damage to floors, walls, ceilings, and additional structural pieces of buildings and homes.

While the health risks related to mold are usually misleading, it may cause allergy-like symptoms. The ones who have compromised immune systems, seniors, and the extremely young are the ones who are most prone to mold-associated health problems.

Worst Mold Seasons

Seasonally, the mold is more common from early spring to middle fall. Search for indications of excessive moisture during spring showers, the winter thaw, and in the humid summertime season.

Concerns About Spring Mold

Spring may be the worst season for the growth of mold in regions that have high water tables or heavy rains. Similar to the rebirth of plants, mold additionally starts to grow again in the springtime. Spring showers may offer the proper environment for mold to invade.

Check the basement, unused doors and windows, and crawl space or attic after heavy rains for indications of water. Finished attics or basements might hide mold and water problems, so search for crumbling or sagging drywall and pay close attention to unusual smells.

Concerns About Summer Mold

Summer is usually one of the worst mold growth seasons throughout the Midwest and Southeast because of high humidity. Kitchens and bathrooms, already susceptible to high humidity, are most prone to the growth of mold. Poor ventilation will make the issue worse.

While air conditioning units decrease humidity, the water removed from the air must go somewhere. Typically, water is routed to a drain, yet poorly maintained, or older units might leak in crawl spaces or basements.

Also, cool inside temperatures and humid and hot temperatures outdoors may lead to condensation around doors and windows. In either instance, the mold may start growing if you do not regularly clean and dry those areas.

Check all weather sealing around doors and windows and ensure AC drains are correctly working.

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