commercial residential cleaning servicesFollow these step-by-step, room-by-room spring cleaning directions from the professionals at Louie’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration to refresh all of the rooms in your house for 2019.

Bathrooms, Laundry Room, and Kitchen

Change filters – Find and change the water filter inside your fridge, the filter in the hood vent, and air filters.

Clean appliances – While your fridge is an obvious target for cleaning in the spring, do not forget about your dishwasher, microwave, washer, oven, and dryer, as well as smaller appliances.

Disinfect hard surfaces- Clear all the countertops in order for you to reach spaces that have not been disinfected for quite some time.

Organize cupboards- There are likely items in the bathroom and kitchen cupboards which you no longer need.

Clean shower curtains and bathmats- Take some time now to clean the bathmats, shower curtain, and toilet seat covers in order to keep germs from spreading.

Dining and Living Rooms

Dust completely – There are likely areas of your dining and living rooms that have not been dusted in a long period of time, such as lampshades, ceiling fans, wall hangings, crown moldings, hard-to-reach shelves, and mirror edges.

Treat upholstery- If the vacuum has the right attachments, use these to clean the cushions, sofas, and additional textile surfaces.

Organize belongings- Replace the DVDs, toys, books, games, clothing, papers, and additional items which are lying around to their suitable places.

Clean your floors and carpets- While regular vacuuming and sweeping will help control the grime, dirt, and germs that carpets, floors, and area rugs collect, all of the flooring in your house ought to be deep cleaned at the minimum of one time per year to completely remove allergens and correctly maintain your flooring.


Refresh the whole bed- Beyond laundering, as well as changing your pillowcases and bed sheets, correctly clean your comforters, blankets, and mattress pad following the manufacturers’ directions.

Clear your closet- Fold, as well as put away all of your accessories, shoes, and clothing.

Declutter for a better night’s rest- Put away or remove all things that might disturb your sleep, particularly electronics and work-associated items.

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