affordable hardwood floor cleaning serviceDifferent types of wood are utilized for floors, yet the type of sealing used is what will determine the optimal method of cleaning. Hardwood flooring might be surface sealed using polyacrylic, polyurethane, or urethane; it also may be treated using a penetrating oil or seal finish, or have a shellac, varnish, or lacquer coating. The best method of cleaning your flooring depends upon its finish or sealing.

Cleaning Surface Sealed Flooring

Cleaning hardwood floors only should be done with a suggested product or with water and soap. Water may damage the sealed wood. Thereby, wring a mop out that has been dipped into a bucket of cleaning solution, so it’s damp. You always should mop in the direction of a wood’s grain. Day-to-day sweeping will clean high traffic spaces, yet a once or twice week-to-week mopping will be alright; less trafficked spaces may be mopped every month or perhaps seasonally.

Utilize baking soda on a moist sponge to clean up scuff marks. If water stains, grease, and food mar the surface, commercial hardwood floor cleaners will get those out without any problem.

Untreated or Treated Floors

Wax flooring never should be mopped. It’s possible to vacuum and sweep the surface on a consistent schedule. Typical cleaning challenges involve heel marks, which may be cleaned with the application of a bit of wax to a pad designed of fine steel wool and then rubbed out utilizing a circular motion. For stains from food, rub the surface using a damp cloth then add more wax. Always begin from the outside corner of the stain and move toward the middle as it clears up. Just use past or liquid wax for wood flooring.