power washing benefitsOnce the winter season ends, millions of people in America hurry to clean their house, preparing for the spring. The purposes of spring cleaning go way beyond the look of a clean house. Here are four benefits of offering your house a spring cleaning:

It’ll prevent bugs and insects from entering your house

The dampness that spring brings is a bug magnet for your residence. Pests such as cockroaches and spiders like to crawl into small crevices, like inside cupboards and window sills. These spaces offer food and water sources for sheltering and attracting these pesky inhabitants. Getting your house cleaned professionally will assist in eliminating them.

Boosts the value of your home

Whether or not you are selling your house, it always is vital that you keep it in top condition. Without the right maintenance and cleaning, your house is going to lose its value. Having your house completely cleaned assists in eliminating mold, dust, and mildew. Also, it’ll keep your hardwood floors and carpets in better shape, longer!

Provides you a healthier house

The germs and dust which are present in your house are dangerous to your health!  Did you have any idea that your carpeting has 200,000 bacteria/sq. in.? That is 4,000 times grimier than a toilet seat! Getting your carpeting cleaned by the pros with the proper tools will eliminate that bacteria.

Power washing will remove pollen

In the spring, pollen levels are at their highest! Anything outside—your patio furniture, vehicle, etc., will get coated with a yellow dust. And to make things worse, it’ll cause folk’s allergies to flare up. Having the property power washed removes pollen from all of your outside surfaces—and leaves it shiny and clean!

Why leave the power washing and spring cleaning to the pros?

✔︎ Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration knows the best tools and techniques that give your house a spotless clean

✔︎ Our company uses hypoallergenic vacuum equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents

✔︎ You will not need to spend countless hours cleaning your house on your own


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