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Trained Friendly Technicians
All of our technicians go through training and certification. We also employ an internal training process to keep our cleaning skills sharp with the most up to date technologies. They use booties and corner protectors.
Convenient Scheduling
Our scheduling process is very simple and convenient. You can schedule over the phone or even schedule using our website by filling out Online Quote form. We can even call you when you technician is on their way.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
We want you to be so happy that you will tell all of your family, friends, and co-workers about us. If for some reason you aren't happy, let us know and we'll happily return to re-clean the area for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Every carpet cleaning job we have the pleasure of cleaning is unique and requires a process that we have spent years creating to achieve amazing results. No matter if we're restoring your carpet or if we cleaning for regularly maintenance. All of our cleaning solutions are family and pet safe.


When we first arrive we will walk through the areas you're wanting cleaned. At this time we'll ask you some questions and we want to answer any and all of your own questions as well. If you have any concerns or if there are areas that you believe need special attention please let us know. We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your cleaning. If there are any spots or stains that you're aware of, this would be a great time to let us know what those spots are so we can take care of them. During our carpet cleaning inspection, we will make sure you know the price before we start, and we'll never use any high pressure sales or bait and switch tactics.

We kindly ask that you keep any children or pets away from our cleaning equipment, hoses, and tools.

We recommend that you vacuum before we arrive but if you're unable to not a problem - we'll vacuum the carpet first before we begin the wet cleaning process. Vacuuming regularly helps to remove the dry abrasive soils that wear down your carpet. Vacuuming is a first step because we want to remove as much dry soil as possible so that our safe cleaning solutions can focus on breaking up the soils that have bonded to the carpet fibers.

Next, we will spot treat any tough spots or stains using our powerful yet safe spotting agents. We have great success removing spots like pop/soda spills, grease, oil, paint, koolaid, wine, and other common carpet dribbles. Next, we'll mix up our carpet cleaning solution uniquely for your carpet cleaning needs and apply it to the walk ways and traffic areas of the carpet.

Note: If you've used any products that you've bought at the store to attempt to remove any spots or stains, please make your technician aware of that. It can change how we approach the spot or stain to ensure we do not damage the carpet!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our fourth carpet cleaning step is rinsing and cleaning the carpet using our powerful truck mounted equipment. Our carpet cleaning machine produces a water temperature of 200-230 degrees and is great for removing stubborn soil but also helping to sanitize the carpet. Our cleaning tool immediate extracts the broken up soil and cleaning solution and sends it to a holding tank in our van/truck. We do extra extraction or dry strokes to remove as much soil and moisture from the carpet.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

For our commercial carpet cleaning clients, we do offer steam cleaning / hot water extraction but we also offer low moisture cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning is great because it dries in 1-2 hours and our equipment allows us to keep your building secure while we're cleaning. It is quiet and can even be used during business hours to clean common areas if needed.

After the steam cleaning step, we have small carpet drying fans that we can place in the areas that we've cleaned. These carpet drying fans significantly improve the drying time so that you can use your carpet again more quickly. Until the carpet has completely dried, we recommend you take caution when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces like tile or wood as it may be slippery.

We use a carpet protector that is similar to Scotchgard™ that helps to keep your carpet cleaner for longer. It helps your vacuuming to be more efficient as it helps to prevent the soils from bonding to the carpet making it easier for the vacuum to remove them. Our carpet protector helps liquid spots and spills from penetrating the dye sites in the carpet and creating a permanent stain. After we apply it, we will groom the carpet to massage the product into the carpet fibers.

Carpet protection is completely optional and is an add-on service and if you do not have it applied we will still groom the carpet to help the fibers stand back up so that they'll dry more quickly.

Associates will leave a free spotting bottle at the end of the job that can be refilled when needed.

Other Cleaning Services


upholstery cleaning

Many people don't realize that professional upholstery cleaning is available. In fact, upholstery and furniture are often on of the most neglected items in your home or office when it comes to cleaning. Furniture and upholstery should be cleaned as often as carpet should be, which is every 12-18 months. Upholstery is made of thin fabric this is more vulnerable to wear, discoloration, and often staining. Our technicians can expertly clean your upholstery and fine fabrics. We can clean many different types of fabrics including synthetics, cotton, wool, rayon, and a blend of those fabric types.

We can help you with:

  • Sectional Cleaning
  • Couch Cleaning
  • Loveseat Cleaning
  • Recliner Cleaning
  • Ottoman Cleaning
  • Office Furniture Cleaning
  • Office Partition Cleaning

Tile & Grout

tile and grout cleaning

Tile & grout cleaning can be hard work; but there is an easier way! Louie’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration will professionally cater to your tile needs. Louie’s employs the latest in technological solutions and equipment to penetrate and clean tile and grout (Porcelain, Glazed, Terra Cotta, Ceramic) leaving behind a newly cleaned and refreshed tile and grout floor.

Lastly, Louie’s can, at your discretion apply a clear or color sealer that penetrates and protects the grout from oils, dirt, and permanent stains. Over time, even the best grout (without proper professional care) discolors and the only way to change the color is to apply a grout color sealant or regrout the floor.

Louie’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration in Vermillion, SD, provides tile and grout cleaning and sealing which is going to make your flooring crystal clean and looking brand new.

Oftentimes, tile flooring is neglected due to the back-breaking scrubbing that is needed to clean tile and grout properly.

Additionally, grout will require special attention due to its textured and porous nature. As it wears because of consistent traffic, the grout in your home may darken as well as become discolored. Those changes can’t be reversed by routine cleaning or bleach.

But, there’s a solution. Louie’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration may reseal the grout with an epoxy-colored sealant. Select the shade you enjoy best; we have a variety of colors that will fit any decor. As we complete the job, you’ll think you’ve installed a new floor!

Our family, over the course of several years has assisted many others within Vermillion, SD, and continually do so. Also, we’re proud to work with and employ many amazing people.

Therefore, if you’ve purchased a new home and want your tile flooring in the common areas to look sparkling and new, or it’s been quite some time since your last cleaning. Contact us immediately for a complimentary tile and grout cleaning estimate.

Hardwood Floor

hardwood cleaning service

The hardwood floor in your home looks beautiful when new but over time the sealer fades, scratches, dings and dents happen. Vermillion and Yankton now have a professional hardwood cleaning and resurfacing company to call upon. Louie’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration of Vermillion and Yankton have the knowledge and time under our belt to turn your dirty, scratched, rough, and tumbled hardwood floor into the sparkling gem that it used to be.

Hardwood Floor Resurfacing shaves a thin top layer of wood off the board (removing most contaminants, sealers, divots, bumps and bruises along the way) revealing your hardwood floors true natural luster. After the resurfacing and cleaning has been completed, Louie’s can apply a matte, gloss or semi-gloss sealer that will help protect your hardwood floor for years to come

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

pet odor removal

Pets such as cats and dogs are such wonderful companions. They're lovable, cuddly, and become family. Unfortunately, they're not always cuddly and lovable to our carpet and rugs - Louie's to the rescue!. Our pet odor removal process deals with removing the odors at the molecular level. We have a special light that gives us the ability to detect where these mishaps and accidents may be so that we can formulate a solution to fix the problem. Pet accidents are very common and we offer two processes for odor removal depending on your situation.

Topical Odor Treatment

This process is great for small accidents or 1 to 2 small occurrences. We apply our unique topical urine removal product that will break down the issue at the molecular level and use our sub surface extraction tool to flush it out of the carpet. This process also works wonders for fecal or vomit accidents as well.

Restorative Odor Treatment

This process is recommended where your furry loved has been a repeat offender and has multiple accidents or they've favored a particular area. During this process, we disengage the carpet, pull it back, and remove the padding. Next, we clean and seal the subfloor and then treat both the backing and face yarns of the carpet. Finally, we re-install new padding and reinstall the carpet.

Note: In some situations there is a need to remove and replace baseboards, door trim or other materials to completely remove the odor. Many pets like to try to hide their naughty accidents and will choose somewhere near a wall.

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