14 Feb 2019

Auto Detailing Benefits

The physical condition of your vehicle plays an important part in your general driving enjoyment. In order to keep your automobile in peak condition, you might want to give consideration to setting a detailing appointment up at Louie’s Cleaning & Disaster Restoration. An auto detail is going to fully restore the exterior and interior of […]

12 Sep 2018

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Different types of wood are utilized for floors, yet the type of sealing used is what will determine the optimal method of cleaning. Hardwood flooring might be surface sealed using polyacrylic, polyurethane, or urethane; it also may be treated using a penetrating oil or seal finish, or have a shellac, varnish, or lacquer coating. The […]

27 Aug 2018

How Can I Stop My Dog From Urinating In My House?

As a previously house-trained dog begins to have accidents in the house, I always suggest going to the vet for a checkup before beginning any new training. There might be a medical element to the accidents, like a urinary tract infection or onset of canine cognitive dysfunction. As the vet eliminates these and any additional […]

10 Jun 2018

4 Carpet Cleaning Myths

Many myths and misconceptions are circulating regarding carpet cleaning. Let Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration set the record straight! MYTH #1: Carpet cleaning makes carpeting soggy Stepping onto damp carpet is an awful feeling. Thankfully, if you employ the best carpet cleaning company in Vermillion, you will not experience that feeling. Good carpet cleaners utilize […]

17 Nov 2017

5 Common Carpet Cleaning Myths?

It is easy to tell when some things need cleaning – it appears dirty. Carpets, on the other hand, not so much. Many in fact do not realize that a carpet can be dirty and not look like it. There are other things about carpet cleaning some people may not realize as well. This blog […]

18 Oct 2017

Five Quick Tips before Having Your Carpet Cleaned

​We at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning appreciate your continued patronage via regularly, scheduled carpet cleaning.  Your decision has helped keep your carpets in the best possible shape and looking as good as the day they were installed.  While we love to come help keep your carpets clean, there are a few things you can do between […]

25 Sep 2017

Floor Tile Cleaning Tips

There is something to be said about a home with tile floors and showers. It gives you an immediate feeling of something that sets the home apart from others. Tile is the cream of the crop for all homes given all of the positive aspects that tile comes with when installed in a home. We […]

19 Aug 2017

Top Three Steps to Remove Carpet Odor

There are few things more unpleasant than carpet odors. This is why your team at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning is going to help you with taking care of nasty odors. It is a three step process. You will need to: • Prevent; • Identify • Have Vermillion Carpet Care fix. We will look at the first […]