25 Sep 2017

Floor Tile Cleaning Tips

There is something to be said about a home with tile floors and showers. It gives you an immediate feeling of something that sets the home apart from others. Tile is the cream of the crop for all homes given all of the positive aspects that tile comes with when installed in a home. We […]

19 Aug 2017

Top Three Steps to Remove Carpet Odor

There are few things more unpleasant than carpet odors. This is why your team at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning is going to help you with taking care of nasty odors. It is a three step process. You will need to: • Prevent; • Identify • Have Vermillion Carpet Care fix. We will look at the first […]

24 Mar 2017

How to Choose the Correct Residential Janitorial Cleaning Company In Vermillion, South Dakota

Lets face it, trying to hire a residential janitorial cleaning business in Vermillion, SD is horrible.  On one hand no one enjoys to clean but then on the other hand the work needs to be done and you, THE CLIENT, don’t want to do the work.  Here at LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of VERMILLION and YANKTON we have on staff Crystal and Thad who […]

05 Apr 2014

It is All ABout Customer Service in Vermillion and Yankton, SD.

Here at LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of Vermillion and Yankton we take customer service very seriously. In fact, we take customer service so seriously that of you are to ever have a problem your problem becomes my problem in minutes vs days later like other companies. LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION is so confident […]

01 Apr 2014

I Have A Leaky Valve On A Toilet That Ran While We Were Away And The Ceiling Below Is Wet. Should All Wet Materials Be Removed?

LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of Vermillion and Yankton is currently working on a loss of this nature.   Me and my team were posed this very question and my response was “let’s take a look and odds are no tear out of wet materials will happen”. LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of Vermillion and […]

26 Mar 2014

Here Are Four Reasons Why You Should Have Your Carpet and Upholstery Professionally Cleaned Regularly

Of course you can go down to the local supermarket or hardware store and rent a machine to clean your carpet and upholstery, however, before you use any cleaning solution or home remedy, it’s best to consult a trusted and professional LOCAL SOURCE such as LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of VERMILLION and YANKTON. Below I have […]