Remove Carpet OdorThere are few things more unpleasant than carpet odors. This is why your team at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning is going to help you with taking care of nasty odors. It is a three step process. You will need to:

• Prevent;
• Identify
• Have Vermillion Carpet Care fix.

We will look at the first two as a way to keep your carpets looking and smelling good between your regular cleaning cycles. Routine carpet cleaning is the best way to maximize your carpet life. When you are ready, contact us. Meanwhile,


We understand life has a way of happening when you are not expecting it. Strange odors in your carpet are common – particularly ones that have sat for a while before being noticed. The best way to prevent odors is to keep the chances of spills at a minimum. Keep food and drink in areas designated for food and drink.

Water damage is a different problem. Fully drying the water from all parts of the carpet is important. This keeps bacteria and mold from taking hold in the carpet and spreading. Those who have allergies and asthma will appreciate this extra level of care you provide.

We love pets as much as you do. Be sure to keep your pets clean and in good shape if they have been outside for any length of time. Accidents need to be cleaned up quickly and thoroughly.


Odors do not magically appear. Finding the source of an odor only takes a bit of detective work. Use these simple questions to find the cause in short order.
• Do you have pets;
• Are they allowed on the carpet;
• Have there been accidents on the carpet at all?

If you do not have pets, consider these questions:

• Was there a spill at some point in the past;
• How log did it sit;
• How well was it cleaned;
• Do children walk onto carpeted areas with shoes;
• Was there recent water or smoke damage;
• Was the original damage cleaned completely?


It is our turn. Now that you have done what you can to keep the odors at a minimum or have found the location and source of the odor, we at Vermillion Carpet Care will come and take care of your carpet cleaning. All you need to do is call. We will come to your home in short order.

Got carpet odor? Feel free to contact Vermillion Carpet Care at (605) 624-2485 and we’ll take care of your carpet cleaning needs and odor removal.