professional carpet cleaningYou like keeping the floors clean. You schedule regular cleaning with your friends at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning so your carpets stay in excellent shape. Between your cleaning, you also vacuum your floors.

Like any mechanical device, vacuum cleaners need regular cleaning and maintenance. Of course, to understand maintenance, you need to get an idea of how a vacuum cleaner functions correctly. Here is a brief primer on how a vacuum cleaner cleans.

1. A motor turns a fan, creating suction;
2. A belt turns the brushes at the bottom of the unit, agitating the soil;
3. Soil is sucked into the canister or bag.


If it is so simple, why are there so many broken vacuum cleaners? The answer is simpler: No one keeps the vacuum cleaner maintained properly on a regular basis. You keep the oil changed in the car for regular maintenance; why leave the vacuum cleaner alone and never cared for? Believe it or not, a poorly maintained vacuum cleaner will do more harm than good.

Here is how to be sure your vacuum cleaner is functioning at the best possible levels at all times.

1. Take a whiff – A foul smell from your vacuum cleaner is a sign of a serious problem. The air filter is clogged and blocked. The odor is soil passing into the air from the exhaust port.

2. TornadoCanister style vacuum cleaners have cyclonic action inside of them. When you are vacuuming and do not see the tell-tale spin, you have a problem. A lack of the spin means your vacuum is not suctioning properly, and dirt is returning to the carpet and into the air.

3. The motor – Both aforementioned issues will cause your motor to burn out. Therefore maintaining the vacuum cleaner is so important on a regular basis, specifically after each usage. Here is how to maintain your vacuum cleaner.

• Unplug and remove the canister or bag;
• Replace bag and empty canister;
• Check belt for fraying or splits, replace if needed.

This is all there is to keeping your vacuum cleaner in top condition for as long as possible.

Regular vacuuming is only a part of proper carpet maintenance. Schedule a carpet cleaning with Vermillion Carpet Cleaning for the best possible lifespan and look of your carpets.