With today being the first day of SPRING, here at LOUIE’S AIR DUCT CLEANING and DRYER VENT CLEANING we welcome the beautiful weather but being a realist that we are we understand this gorgeous weather isn’t here to stay.

With the weather today bring perfect outside lots of doors and windows are open to let in the fresh Spring air.  With all of these openings into your home your indoor air quality suffers greatly as lots of airborne contaminants bombard your home.   Below I have provided some great tips to help you and your family breathe easier when the weather turns great and the doors and windows cone open.

The first thing you want to do is examine the filter in your hvac system.   If it looks dirty, a lot of dust is attached to the filter or it is over six months old it is time to replace it.   The second thing to do is turn to the fan on your hvac system to ON position.   What this does is keeps the blower running constantly which will remove the airborne contaminants much more quickly.   Thirdly, if you have carpet do a quick vacuuming (with only a HEPA rated vacuum)  and if you have tile or wood floors do a light mop with a neutral solution such as baking soda and water. No other costly and potentially dangerous cleaning agents are needed to clean your floors. What this neutral solution does is cleans any contaminants that has fallen to the ground and leaves a very light organic deodorizer behind.  The fourth thing you should do is clean all your hard and nonporous  countertops, tables, etc with neutral and natural solution to rid these nonporous materials of bacteria, dust,  mites,  sander and other environmental elements that have made there way into your home over the winter.  The fifth thing that you can do is call LOUIE’S AIR DUCT and DRYER VENT CLEANING at (605) 624-2485 for a 100% FREE in home evaluation of your HVAC system.   We will be able to tell you if your Air Ducts and Vents.   LOUIE’S recommends cleaning of the ducts and vents every two years or if you live on a farm once a year.

Your home is the single largest investment you will probably ever make in your lifetime.   With some simple cleaning tips and the help from LOUIE’S AIR DUCT and DRYER VENT CLEANING you will live a better life free from a lot of those outdoor pollutants that ravage us everyday.

If you’d like to schedule (or just talk about) a 100% No CHARGE Air DUCT and VENT evaluation of your home please call LOUIE’S AIR DUCT and DRYER VENT CLEANING  at (605) 624-2485.  LOUIE’S IS located at 1225 E Cherry St in Vermillion.   LOUIE’S serves Vermillion,  Yankton and the surrounding communities.   Our websitewww.louiesrestoration.com or www.louiescarpetcleaning.com.