carpet-cleaning-pet-odor-removalAs a previously house-trained dog begins to have accidents in the house, I always suggest going to the vet for a checkup before beginning any new training. There might be a medical element to the accidents, like a urinary tract infection or onset of canine cognitive dysfunction. As the vet eliminates these and any additional medical problems, it’s possible to start to address the cause of the accidents and work on solutions.

Anxiety and Accidents

Dogs that have separation anxiety may display a variety of signs, which includes accidents inside the house. If your vet diagnosed separation anxiety as a reason for the pet’s potty regression, he may cooperate with you to assist in controlling the issue or refer you to a vet behaviorist to assist in addressing the problem. Tackling your pet’s anxiety is going to result in a steadier emotional state — which will lead to fewer accidents.

Your pet also may be anxious about external conditions. For dogs who have phobias about noise, the noise of distant fireworks, thunderstorms, traffic, or construction may be nerve-racking. While the dog might typically urinate outside even when you are away, on days when the scary sound is audible, she might hunker down inside and refuse to leave your house; it may lead to an accident inside the house. If the external sound is temporary — for example, a construction project — think about taking the dog to another location, such as doggy daycare, while you’re gone from the home. If the sound is consistent — traffic noises from a nearby street — soothe your pooch by creating a calm environment inside your home. Pair relaxing music, such as Through a Dog’s Ear to assist in keeping her occupied while you are away.

Ways to Stop Accidents

Your furry pal might be peeing inside because she’s able to smell past accidents that may lead her to believe that it’s the proper area to do her business. For that reason, enzymatic cleaners that eliminate odors, are critical for handling messes. To assist in avoiding new messes, keep the dog off carpeted spaces — she might be less likely to urinate on a hard surface, and it’ll be easier to clean if she does.

If your dog has soiled your carpet, give the folks at a call today!