Over time your beautiful and expensive hardwood floor take a some
serious abuse from your children, pets, moving furniture around,
chairs sliding back and forth at the dining room table, walking in a
certain pattern year after year.  How do you care for your beautiful
flooring? Below are some great tips to not only keep your beautiful
flooring looking great year after year.

Tip 1: Vacuum with the beater bar turned off on a daily basis. The
beater bar on a vacuum will scratch and scuff your floor if you use
it.  What vacuuming does is it removes the small and extra fine grit
and particulates that can get in between the individual boards and
begin to wear away the high traffic areas.

Tip 2: Dust mop daily with a electrostatic dusting pad.  This pad
with “grab” any particulates that the vacuuming has missed.

Tip 3: Mop once a week with only a Wood Floor solution such as Bona
or other Hardwood Floor Cleaner.  DO NOT USE WATER as over time the
minerals in our hard water will cause left over residue and water
marks even if your water is soft or “PURE”.  I can not stress this
POLYURETHENED. Over time the water will get into your floor and you
will begin to see cracks, ripping of edges and warping.

Tip 4: When your hardwood floor is to the point of no return and  you
want it looking beautiful again call the professionals at LOUIE’S
CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of Vermillion and Yankton.  We have
on staff employees who have combined have been cleaning and
resurfacing hardwood floors for over thirty years.