Power WashingPower washing your residence is just like any additional standard home maintenance chore, which means it’s something which must be completed on a routine basis. Generally, most experts suggest power washing your residence at least one time every year; however, specific factors might require that you power wash your residence, or specific spaces such as your gutters, roof, or deck on a more frequent basis. There are multiple considerations as you determine how often your residence must be power washed:

The environment and climate of your area

Is your environment susceptible to dust storms? Are there a lot of trees on your property? Do you reside in a humid, wet climate? Those are factors which might warrant more consistent power washing sessions. For instance, roof contaminants such as mildew and mold are more prevalent in humid and wet environments. Or, if trees surround your house, the gutters might require more consistent cleaning to remove branches and leaves.

You and your loved one’s wellness and health

If you or a family member suffer from asthma or additional kind of respiratory illness, you might want to think about having your roof and home power washed several times per year. Left unchecked, your house might foster the growth of dangerous contaminants like algae and mold. Breathing the spores in of such materials may become a severe health risk over a period of time. Preventative, regular power washing ensures that those contaminants never have an opportunity to grow on the exterior of your home—and ensures the safety of you and your loved ones.

Planned renovation projects

Are you prepared to refinish or paint areas of the exterior of your home? Consider power washing ahead of time of such projects so you can clean and get the surface of your home ready. Power washing before painting ensures that the new paint sticks to your house and lasts a lot longer.

Personal preference

A need to maintain the beauty and curb appeal of your home is the perfect reason to have your residence routinely power washed!

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