Tile CleaningThere is something to be said about a home with tile floors and showers. It gives you an immediate feeling of something that sets the home apart from others. Tile is the cream of the crop for all homes given all of the positive aspects that tile comes with when installed in a home. We at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning want you to know we are your trusted partner in tile cleaning just like with carpets. Adding tile cleaning to your regular scheduled carpet cleaning is a straightforward and fast call. Just let us know when you are ready.

While we want to help you clean your tile, it is a good idea to keep your tile looking good as the day you had it installed. Here are some suggestions, three in fact with a bonus, to help you keep your tile look just as good as it did the day it was installed.

#1 – Be proactive with spills

Cleaning spills as quickly as possible is important, but on tile, it takes an extra importance. The grout material between the tile squares are very porous and hold liquids that can easily soak and stain. Cleaning spills rapidly is vital – do not wait until there is a more convenient time to clean up the spill.

#2 – Speed up the shower

Few things are as nice as a long, soaking shower. That feeling of hot water cascading down your back is something special after a long day, but it is not the best solution for your tile. Mold and mildew love two things – warm and wet. These happen to be the two very things that your shower generates. Turn on the exhaust fan, cut your time in the shower and use a squeegee to clean up after your shower. By doing this, it will help keep your mold and mildew at a minimum.

#3 – Squeegee

The part of a windshield wiper that touches the windshield is a squeegee. Cleaning the shower with a squeegee will help keep your shower clean and minimize your mildew and mold. A 50/50 mix of vinegar and water weekly will help bolster your fight against the evils of mold and mildew.

Bonus tip – Vermillion Carpet Cleaning

Okay, so it is not so much a bonus suggestion as it is a shameless plug for our services. The question is why you do not use us for tile cleaning? You are already using our services for your carpet, have scheduled regular cleaning sessions and are an established customer. What is stopping you? Let us help you make your home doubly beautiful.

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