Boat DetailingTemperatures are increasing; March winds died down and the season for sailing is fast approaching. It means it is officially time to jump into action and get that boat out of storage!

However, beginning a new boating season is not a “just add water” situation. To ensure that your boat is in top shape after its winter hibernation, you should check off some post-storage projects. Fortunately, if you use our below checklist before going out onto the water, it should not take too long to “wake up” the boat for the Spring season.

Because engines and boats differ, begin by checking the owner’s manual for specific pre-season directions. Then utilize the following spring boat checklist to get prepared for the water

Check your propellrs aend hull for signs of damage (dings, cracks, etc.) and make needed repairs.

  • Give your boat a complete polishing, waxing, and cleaning. (Even if it is in storage, dust and dirt may build up on the surface of the boat.)
  • Charge your battery and test it to ensure that it’s able to hold a charge.
  • Check electrical connections to ensure that they’re clean and tight, without any corrosion.
  • Check its fuel system: Inspect connections, hoses, and tank surfaces for any damage or leaks, and ensure that all clamps and fittings are secured properly.
  • Inspect all hoses, cables, and belts for brittle areas, cracks, or wear. Then, replace all damaged parts.
  • Check fluids: Power steering fluid, coolant, gearbox oil, and engine oil.
  • Inspect safety gear: Ensure that there are an adequate supply of life jackets and that they’re in good working order, and all fire extinguishers are completely charged.

Plus, while you are checking things over:

Ensure that there’s adequate boat insurance coverage before getting behind the wheel.

If you are busy and don’t have the time to handle the boat detailing yourself, get the professionals at Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration to do the job for you. For details on how Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration can help feel free to get in touch with us today at 605-624-2485.