This is a very common question that no business owner likes to be asked but is on the mind of every customer once they get home for the day and see there freshly cleaned carpet.  Here at LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of Vermillion and Yankton not only do we go above and beyond what a “normal” cleaning is but we inform the client how the “LOUIE’S” cleaning method out cleans other carpet cleaning companies, GUARANTEED!

LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION uses a extremely aggressive and 100% safe pre-cleaning solution that literally dissolves the dirt and oil that attached to the carpet fiber itself and that our pre vacuuming can not remove.  Once the pre cleaning solution has been applied we the solution dwell for some time and then we use a neutralizing rinse with a ROTARY EXTRACTION MACHINE that literally removes and cleans the dissolved dirt from the faces of the exposed carpet fiber leaving ALL SIDES OF THE CARPET FIBER CLEAN AND RESIDUE FREE.

After the cleaning air movers are left to help to dry the carpet which can be dry in as little as one hour after cleaning but are normally within four to six hours after cleaning. Here are LOUIE’S CLEANING and DISASTER RESTORATION of Vermillion and Yankton we are so confident that you will love our carpet cleaning and tile cleaning service that I have a “rock solid” guarantee. If you call to schedule a carpet cleaning and/or tile and grout cleaning service from LOUIE’S and you are WOWED at the service call us and I’ll personally redo the the job. If you wish to have the cost of the job refunded I’ll personally write you a check on the spot.