common carpet Cleaning MythsIt is easy to tell when some things need cleaning – it appears dirty. Carpets, on the other hand, not so much. Many in fact do not realize that a carpet can be dirty and not look like it. There are other things about carpet cleaning some people may not realize as well. This blog is going to dismiss some of the carpet cleaning myths you may have heard. Remember – your friends at Vermillion Carpet Cleaning when you need your carpets cleaned. On with the blog!

• Myth #1 – Carpets need cleaning only when they look dirty.
This is probably one of the biggest reasons people do not clean their carpets regularly. Dirt can abrade fibers and destroy carpet. Regular cleaning keeps the carpet looking good and new.

• Myth #2 – Steam cleaning is superior to dry cleaning.
Any cleaning method is good. We at Vermillion Carpet Care have a variety of options for cleaning your carpets. Some use little to no water depending on the type of stain and desires of the customer.

• Myth #3 – All carpet cleaners are the same.
This is the most ludicrous myth of them all. A good carpet cleaning service will have experience, skill, equipment and a team that will take care of your carpet with a level of care that is unsurpassed. We have been in business a long time, and our reputation rides on our success. This is how you can be sure Vermillion Carpet Care will do what is right for you and your carpet.

• Myth #4 – Carpet cleaning equipment is harsh on carpet.
If this were the case, we would not recommend regular carpet cleanings. Regular carpet cleaning is paramount to the life and durability of your carpet. See Myth #1 to see why this is the case.

• Myth #5 – The machines you can rent at the grocery store are just as good.
The small machines you can rent may be good for small spots and recent stains, but for a deep clean, professional, commercial grade equipment and cleaning methods are best. You can be sure your carpet cleaning professionals use the newest and latest equipment in carpet cleaning.

Five myths about carpet cleaning and care. Call Vermillion Carpet Care at (605) 624-2485 when you need your carpets cleaned.