Adopt A PetAbout 6.5 million pets enter the United States animal shelters each year — approximately 3.2 million cats and 3.3 million dogs, according to the ASPCA. That is a lot of animals that require a home. Plus, while most folks believe that there are only a couple of ways to get animals — either from a store or a breeder — oftentimes your best bet for both the owner and the pet is going through a shelter. Below are 4 reasons to adopt a pet:

It’s possible to save lives

As well as the truth that there are millions of animals that go into shelters each year, the ASPCA makes an estimation that about 1.5 million shelter pets are euthanized every year. Although this figure — just like the number of abandoned animals — has been on the decline since the year 2011, it still is representative of the millions of animals that require a home to go on living. And as 3.2 million shelter pets are adopted every year, there’s still room for growth.

It’s possible to save money

As compared to a breeder or an additional avenue, adoption usually is the most affordable choice for getting a new animal. There’s typically a fee for adoption, yet it’ll often include the pet having already been vaccinated or treated for routine things like rabies and fleas. Also, they’ve often already been neutered or spayed, and might even already have a microchip.

You probably will not need to housetrain it

In addition to the benefits of saving money upon initial regular veterinarian visits, you’ll more than likely also save the money and time related to training your animal. Most older shelter dogs already have been house trained; therefore, it’s possible to spare yourself a headache.

It’s possible to help protect pets

Adoption: it’s the best method of fighting against programs which are harmful to pets, like puppy mills. Most of the pets which derive from pet stores come from locations like that to the detriment of the pets’ health and overall well-being. Adopting from shelters will guarantee that you’ll be rescuing a healthy pet, without having to support such places.

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