Carpet Cleaning MythsMany myths and misconceptions are circulating regarding carpet cleaning. Let Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration set the record straight!

MYTH #1: Carpet cleaning makes carpeting soggy

Stepping onto damp carpet is an awful feeling. Thankfully, if you employ the best carpet cleaning company in Vermillion, you will not experience that feeling. Good carpet cleaners utilize the double extraction method, meaning the cleaning solutions and water which are injected into your carpet to clean it then are vacuumed out two times to ensure that all carpet is left quick-to-dry, clean, and soft.

MYTH #2: It does not matter what cleaning method I pick for my carpet

Carpet manufacturers and discerning homeowners agree: the best carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction. This technique combines very hot water, very strong suction, and the proper cleaning agents to get carpets thoroughly clean. Rotary shampoo, foam extraction, and absorbent pad cleaning won’t make the carpets as clean as hot water extraction does. For the top carpet cleaning job, try Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration. We train our team in the steam cleaning technique and use the leading cleaning solutions in the marketplace.

MYTH #3: Carpet has to be professionally cleaned if it contains stains

Certain colors, styles, and types of carpet are fantastic at hiding stains and dirt. But, that does not mean that the stains and dirt are not there. You track in all types of bacteria, dust, hair, debris, sand, and additional such matter, which becomes ground into the carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming does an excellent job of keeping the debris and dirt somewhat under control; however, household vacuum cleaners can’t extract nearly as much debris, dust, dander, etc. as an outstanding professional cleaning team can.

MYTH #4: Do-it-yourself cleaning is the same as pro cleaning

Renting or buying a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machine is attractive to some. But, the majority of machines cannot offer the suction power professional-grade cleaning machines provide. Without the proper suction power, the carpet will be left damp, which is not just unappealing to walk upon, yet also can lead to the growth of mildew and other significant issues.

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