Commercial Power WashingOutdoor concrete surfaces like walkways and parking lots, as well as commercial buildings, take a beating from grime, dirt, grease, oil, pollution, gum, and changing conditions in the weather. Below are 3 reasons to arrange at least one commercial power washer service each year:

Protect your company from requiring future repairs

Power washing gets rid of mineral and mold build-up on outside surfaces before it’s able to become established and lead to major problems with outside building finishes. On buildings like churches which have various hidden corners, turrets, and arches, power washing sometimes can be the only method of ensuring that all nooks and crannies have thoroughly been cleaned. This effective process of cleaning results in a much healthier and cleaner environment for customers and clients and may save you a lot of money in future repairs.

Power washing is safe for your customers and the environment

At first, most of our customers express concerns about the safety of the cleaning techniques used by our crew in high traffic spaces. In the past, Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration has worked on many commercial and apartment buildings and we incorporate eco-friendly cleaning methods and solutions that are guaranteed not to pose any threat to the safety and health of customers and tenants.

The exterior of your building is the first thing visitors see

You should never discount the impact that a first impression might have on an existing or potential customer. Dirty and stained gum-speckled concrete, building exteriors, and walkways may be a big “turn-off” to clients. A company which doesn’t take measures to ensure a positive look might cause prospective customers to unconsciously or consciously look somewhere else for the services and/or products you offer. Routinely scheduled cleaning and commercial power washing keeps your space looking welcoming and proves that your company is effective and pays attention to detail.

As an expert commercial power washing provider, we’re dedicated to offering you value for the money and exceptional service — every time. Contact Louise’s Cleaning and Disaster Restoration at 605-624-2485 to request a free estimate or arrange an appointment.