Pet Odor Removal ServicesOver 3 million dogs wind up in shelters each year, according to the ASPCA. To set the record straight concerning shelter pets, we have listed some of the most typical myths in conjunction with facts depicting why those perceptions aren’t correct.

Myth Number One: Every rescue dog is older

When folks imagine animal shelters, they typically think of older dogs. For this reason, the ones hoping to bring home a young puppy do not believe they would discover what they are searching for at a shelter. However, here’s the reality: there is an abundance of puppies inside shelters. As a matter of fact, the average age of a pet entering a shelter is 18 months, which is pretty much still a puppy. Also, that means that around 50% the pets in shelters are under 18 months.

Myth Number Two: It is more difficult to adopt a dog than raise a pup

Even elderly dogs may be trained to obey, and they will become the most loyal companion you might ask for. Senior dogs are more than likely to have already a little training, which includes being housebroken. As with children, as dog’s age, they’ll become more comfortable to teach, and they are more likely to comprehend what you are attempting to teach them. As you adopt an elderly dog, you additionally do not need to be concerned with how big he’ll grow, because he’s likely already full grown. A pup might be small now, yet he might shock you with how big he’ll eventually become.

Myth Number Three: It is too costly to adopt a pet from shelter.

While the majority of shelters require a fee for adoption, it typically is nominal and less than what many breeders charge. Plus, there are extra benefits of adopting from a shelter which may save an owner even more cash. Many shelters have spent lots of money and time feeding, caring for, and housing their dogs. They likely will have been treating them for flea prevention, heartworm, vaccinations against Bordetella, distemper, and rabies, and more than likely will have neutered or spayed them.

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